Monday, February 19, 2007

My moments with Dilli Shehar

I was just clicking through some great Delhi photos by Mayank Austin Soofi (came there via Jahane Rumi). You can see them here. He succeeds in capturing the different facets of the city.

I have a love-hate relationship with this city. There are times when I think I will never fit in in this city where everything - even ordering water (yes I have to order drinking water from a private supplier, more on that later) has to be negotiated. I call them my sala Madrasi (= a derogatory term for southies) moments. Then I have my Dilli Meri Jaan (= Dilli my love) moments, when I am filled with pride, when India Gate, Rashtrapathi Bhavan and all the wide tree filled boulevards in central Dilli come into view, when I become aware of the of independence and anonymity that this city gives me as a woman and when I think of its relative (relative to where I grew up) cosmopolitan character.


Raza Rumi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your post on Dilli and your ambivalent attitude towards the metropolis..
You might wish to read my personal account of Dilli yatra -

Raza Rumi said...

Well I have been trying to leave a comment here for the past few days..Anyway, in summary I like your blog and this post - your ambivalence to the metropolis..

You may wish to read my account of Dilli yatra here