Sunday, February 18, 2007

food and a sliver of history

. Two garam (=hot) samosas followed by two really meethi (=sweet) jelebis (and it has to be had at Kadimi Dukan in Bhogal, Dilli) is pure bliss. I used to work in Jangpura extension not so long ago and at times we used to take illegal breaks to go on trips to Kadimi's. The other day, I was in Bhogal with one of my Punjabi friends from my new place of work. She was really surprised to see me (in her mind I am the coconut oil+dosa-idli Southie) happily munch them.
Oh and my Pakistani readers may find it interesting that a lot of Hindu and Sikh families settled down in Bhogal and Jangpura in the wake of partition. I definitely recollect seeing a "Lahore mithaiwala" and "Lahore shoes" in Bhogal market.


Shahnazzz said...

don't eat up all the samosas and jalebis, ok? You know why I am coming to Delhi.

I am so excited. Can't wait!

Karuthamma said...


So excited about the prospect of seeing you.