Monday, February 19, 2007

of moving on and Adha Veettukku Veettukku

I commented on Tamil songs over at Koonj and was reminded of one summer vacation in my grandmother's house when all I did was listen over and over and over to the hit songs that year (17 years back in 1990) from the Tamil movie "Kizhakku Vaasal", specifically the song "Adha Veettukku Veettukku".

I am listening to it now and whoa what a blast from the past it is. The cousin brothers I used to carry on my hips are young men now and I can no longer engage in baby talk with them ("konchuka" in Malayalam). My relationships with my uncles and aunts have all changed as I grew older. The river has all but dried and the riverside where we bathed (the Kadavu in Malayalam) is overgrown with weed as everyone has moved away.


koonj said...

c'mon k, you have to blog more frequently. this is so nice, but just a taster.

Indyana said...

OOH! That's a fun song alright!I have a lot of 'dappan kootu' songs that I enjoy!

Karuthamma said...

Welcome back indyana! Good to see that you did not give up on me and I hope to see you here more often:-)