Sunday, February 12, 2006

Is a single Muslim man

who tries to pray regularly
eats only halal meat
does not eat pork or drink alcohol, but will go to a bar to hang out with friends
who has decided to marry only a Muslim woman
has a beard (3-4 days growth)
likes watching movies and dancing, but is uncomfortable dancing with women
who has several gay and lesbian friends
who supports the women-led prayer in New York city last year

a moderate Muslim or a conservative Muslim, will the media pundits please explain?

I am sick of this moderate/conservative dichotomy.


Baraka said...

This description shows that most people defy neat labels and boxes.

sivaramamenonroad said...

Thanks for stopping by Baraka:-)

While I agree that people tend to categorize for the sake of clarity, I have now come to believe that the moderate Muslim/conservative Muslim dichotomy does not shed light, rather it only serves to perpetuate prejudice in today's climate.