Saturday, March 18, 2006 zindabad!

If you are an overworked programmer working in the US, I suspect , like me, you would also be logging on to At times when I was tired of spending hours working on projects with tight deadlines, I would surreptiously go to and listen to "kajra re". These days, my favourite songs are from the movie Parineeta.


froginthewell said...

Have you tried malayalavedhi? Also there used to be a which had lots of malayalam film songs but now it seems to be under construction.

sivaramamenonroad said...

Hey fronginthewell,

thanks, I didn't know about malayalavedhi. I used to listen to vismayam a lot a while ago. They had a good collection of songs from the eighties.

ps. I like your name from the sanskirt "kupamandukam" right?