Monday, January 30, 2006

Right now...

I want to talk to S, see how he is doing, coping with Meeto's death. Please Allah grant him the strength to go through this.

Life ain't easy. I am working insane hours and at the end of the day I feel &*(^%$ But hearing about her death, made me reflect on the time we human being spent on earth, how ephemeral it all is...

I shared so many happy and joyful moments with S. His absolutely rockacious sense of humour, the naughtiness (the number of pranks he played on R, made me feel sorry for her), the chai-politics discussions with him, K and N, his idea to buy a cycle for Mji, one of our admin. staff, the delicious sandwiches (Desi sandwiches are so much better, i tell you) he brought for lunch etc.
Ok, gotta say this.
S had just graduated from law school and(lawyers in India wear a black gown to court) his non-lawyer father sent him his grandad's "senior"status gown (after years and years of practice, both High Courts and the Supreme Court of India grant "senior" status in recognition of a a lawyer's superior legal skills and for adherence to ethics. The gown of a senior lawyer is different from that of other lawyers. S's grandad was a highly respected senior lawyer at the Madras High Court) to wear on his first day in court and all of us, including my boss (The Indian Supreme Court's first woman senior lawyer) had a good laugh. Finally the joke was on the prankster:-)

Sweet S, be well.


koonj said...

So sorry to hear about that. :(

I hope your work lets up somewhat.

(Desi sandwiches are always better. American sandwiches are way too big).

sivaramamenonroad said...


Alhamdulillah, what a pleasant surprise:-) I thought about you and Svend when I was walking home from work and that you may be in Bloomington now.

Lots of good luck with the defence.