Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Urumi & Prithviraj

I am loving the Urumi songs. They have to grow on you. Good job Deepak Dev!

But what the hell is Prithviraaj wearing in the movie? His clothes *seem* out of place from the little I have seen of the movie from the promos.

The thing about movies is that the risk factor is so high. Actors and technicians work so hard to bring the movie to us. But there is absolutely no guarantee of success. Worse, the failure is so public and out there. So the passion has to be that high (vaanolam, if I were to use a Malayalam word) if you have to continue to make movies or you have to be extremely delusional(;-)).

I do not think Prithviraj is delusional. The guy is talented, good looking, is an excellent communicator and has all the potential to be Malayalam cinema's Aamir Khan (if only he would shut up a little bit at times, sometime you have to let your work speak for you).

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