Friday, February 04, 2011

more songs

sundaran neeyum sundari njanum love Kamala Hasan's voice - powerful. I wonder who the female play back is?

I had posted earlier about Vasthavam movie which Prithviraaj in the lead. I love the song Nadha Nee varumbol and can listen to it non-stop:-) The picturisation is sensuous.

Totally unconnected to the song, but I noticed the old Kerala style jewelery worn by the actress around the middle of video (with the waterfall background). That big vattam earpiece, my late aunt (father's sister) had one exactly like that. That earpiece and the Shantiniketan bag which was in fashion eons ago among Malayali women of a certain class is one thing I always remember about my late aunt.

My father had only one sister and this aunt loved me and my siblings unconditionally, no strings attached. I don't think people love other people's kids like that anymore. I wish I could be proved wrong. Also, I have never seen a brother and sister who liked each other so much. He was the only one she would listen to (yeah... she did not even listen to her husband sometimes, if you are wondering:-))

I am sure my aunt would not have approved of the picturisation of the song. She was a devout woman who had few doubts about her moral universe!

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