Friday, May 12, 2006

I travelled on the Delhi metro a couple of days ago. It is efficient, clean and inexpensive. I paid Rs.8/- to get to India Gate from Chandini Chowk. The aadmis and aurats using the Metro seem like aam middle class log, not your hoity-toity types. The metro is a real boon because public transport in Delhi has serious problems. Most autowallahs in Delhi don't have meters and so you have to fix the price before you use it and there aren't enough buses to cater to all the people who use them. At the moment, the metro is functional only in parts of the city, but even that in itself is such a relief.

Only a small complaint - please, please, don't imitate the London Tube. please don't say "mind the gap" and/or its Hindi equivalent.


koonj said...

Wow that's impressive. Public transport everywhere in the world could use a metro but especially developing countries - and esp for women's safety.

sivaramamenonroad said...

It is indeed. I only wish the Metro was in place 25 years ago.

Muslim Mama said...

Salams sister! came across ur blog thru Koonj, I'm a south Indian muslim myself but "malayalam illai tamil pesuven....", so nice to see some one like me at last!!